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Student mit Gepäck steht vor dem Gebäude des rostocker Hauptbahnhofs

Deutsche Bahn: the German railways

The price and discount system of the German railway company Deutsche Bahn offers various discounts for early booking. These are explained in detail on the German railway websites. The general rule “the earlier you book, the cheaper the train ticket is” applies.

Information on affordable group tickets are provided here:

  • Länder-tickets ("state tickets") for every German state, also available in "single"-variant for one person
  • If you come from Hamburg, the Meckenburg-Vorpommern-Ticket is a good option
  • Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket ("happy-weekend-ticket")


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Some airlines offer special prices for certain destinations. Thus, it is sometimes even cheaper to fly to other European countries or even within Germany than going by train. Still, domestic flights inside Germany take nearly the same time as it needs to go by train due to related arrival times to and waiting times at German airports. The airports in bigger cities can easily be reached by public means of transport.

Arriving in Rostock
The airport Rostock-Laage is served with several direct flights from several German and some European cities. As there is currently no good transport connection between this airport and the City of Rostock, we recommend you to fly to Hamburg or Berlin instead where the next big international airports are located. From Berlin and Hamburg you can travel to Rostock by train (German Rail).

Airport Rostock-Laage

Hamburg Airport

Berlin Airports

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One of Germany’s biggest seaports is located in the Hanseatic City of Rostock. Coming from Rostock, you may reach the international port by bus or city train (S-Bahn). Ferries from all countries in the Baltic area dock at Rostock Port through regular ferry lines between Rostock and several Scandinavian and Baltic cities.

Ferry companies operating at Rostock Port:

Tallink Silja

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