Language and Integration Courses

Many international members of the University of Rostock report that learning German is one of the biggest challenges they face in Germany. They also report, however, that it is definitely worthwhile to learn German, because it makes it possible to ...

  • find their way around in everyday life more easily,
  • to make contacts more quickly and thus to
  • participate more intensively in life in Rostock and Germany.

Integration courses for foreigners

As a foreigner, you have the opportunity of participating in a state-subsidised integration course. In many cases you are obliged to do so. The aim of the integration course is the acquisition of “adequate language skills” to be able to make yourself understood in German in daily situations, and gaining knowledge concerning the legal system, culture and history in Germany.
Detailed information on integration courses and whether you can or must take part in them can be found on the websites of

German courses in Rostock and the surrounding area

A good way to learn German is by taking a language course.

Course search: A detailed and regularly updated overview of all German course offers in Rostock is published on the Town Hall page. We have also created a simplified overview. Via the Continuing Training Database for Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, you can filter offers according to certain criteria, such as "vicinity", and also find offers outside Rostock.

Course provider: In Rostock there are numerous private, public and non-profit providers who offer courses at all levels, for example:

Language Centre of the University of Rostock

Courses offered: The Language Centre of the University of Rostock offers German courses at all levels from A1 to C1,

  • in the summer semester (April to July) as well
  • as winter semester (October to February) and
  • possibly also in the lecture-free period as an intensive course.

Certain conditions apply to enrolment:

  • For all courses (except A1) a placement test or completion of the previous course level is required.
  • Students and doctoral candidates can register directly online; they have priority in the allocation of places. Staff members (including those from affiliated institutes) and guest students must first register with the head of the department (Ms Paarmann) and pay a higher participation fee.

Our tip: Enrolment for the courses takes place online via the Language Centre website and begins approx. 3 weeks before the start of the semester or the lecture-free period. The course programme is published a few weeks in advance. Experience shows that some courses can be fully booked after only a few days. You should therefore register quickly.

Volkshochschule der Stadt Rostock

The Volkshochschule (adult education centre) offers courses to learn, refresh or consolidate foreign language skills. You can also take language exams and the citizenship test here.

Study in Germany, Rostock e. V.

The association primarily supports future foreign students in order to make it easier for them to enter the German academic world. In the course of this, it also offers language courses at various levels.

Tandem Programme of the University of Rostock

There has been a Tandem Programme at the University of Rostock since October 2013. The primary aim of the programme is to bring together two speakers of different languages so that they can support each other in learning the other language. The Rostock International House is responsible for organising the programme. Further information:

Online resources for learning German

The internet offers numerous resources to learn German.
Many of the offers are free of charge. Here is a selection:

"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world." (Ludwig Wittgenstein, 1922)

Feel free to contact us if you need assistance in finding a language course.