Facilities and Services at the University of Rostock

The University of Rostock has various institutions, representatives and contact persons who represent the interests of members of the university and offer various services and resources.

Central Organisational Units

IT and Media Centre (ITMZ)

The IT and Media Centre (ITMZ) provides members of the University of Rostock with different services and resources in the field of information and media technology. The ITMZ's services and tasks include

University Library

The university library is responsible for the university-wide supply of academic literature and information for research, teaching and studies. As a major academic library in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, it is also used to supply literature on a regional and supra-regional basis for scientific and professional work, as well as for further education. There are two campus libraries and several specialist libraries as well as an extensive digital offer. The staff can support you with different academic services.

Language Centre

With the Language Centre, the University of Rostock has a central body for teaching language skills. The services offered include

  • courses in ten languages (including German as a foreign language) at different levels
  • taking examinations and language certificates and
  • various options for self-learning.
Representative Bodies and Officers

At Rostock University, the representatives and officers advocate for the interests of various target groups or are responsible for specific topics and tasks. An overview:

Student representative bodies

The Student Council (“Studierendenrat”; StuRa), the General Student Committee (“Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss”; AStA) and various student representatives (“Fachschaftsräte”) ensure that, at the University of Rostock, there are selected representatives from the students' sphere who act in the interests of the (doctoral) students.

Counselling and Service offers

Continuing Education

The University of Rostock and its affiliated institutions offer various opportunities for specialised and interdisciplinary continuing education.
You can find more information in our section Continuing Education.

Family Office

The University of Rostock puts great emphasis on the compatibility of studies, career and family. It has been certified as a "family-friendly university" since 2009 and strives for continuous improvement in this area. The Family Office was created in 2017 as the central point of contact and mediation.
Further information is available under the section Family.

Graduate Academy

The Graduate Academy is an entity within the University of Rostock. It supports doctoral candidates and postdocs within the framework of their specialist qualification. This is carried out via:

  • Advice on scientific activity
  • General networking opportunities
  • Promotion of scientific exchange
  • Offer of an interdisciplinary qualification programme
  • Financial support for external qualification measures
  • Travel allowances for participation in symposiums

Membership of the Graduate Academy is free.

Department for Diversity

The Diversity Office is concerned with different projects, programmes and counselling services for improving the working and studying conditions at the University of Rostock. It is particularly active in the following fields of action:

Studierendenwerk Rostock-Wismar

Studierendenwerk Rostock-Wismar

The Studierendenwerk is responsible for the social, economic, health and cultural support of students in cooperation with the higher education institutions. Its tasks include

  • the provision of accommodation
  • support in financing studies and
  • the operation of canteens and cafeterias for all university members.

The range of services also includes the

  • Social Services with the following counselling and service offers for (doctoral) students
    • Social counselling
    • Psychosocial counselling
    • Legal advice
    • Health
    • Culture
Interest groups and funding organisations

Wissenschaftsverbund IuK

The scientific association "Entwicklung, Anwendung und Folgen moderner Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien" (Development, Application, and Consequences of Modern Information and Communication Technologies; shortened to: “luK-Verbund”) is a central scientific and inter-faculty organisation of the University of Rostock. The primary aim of the IuK association is the funding of inter-disciplinary research and teaching in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT). To this end, amongst other things, the association sends out invitations to different events.

[Rostock denkt 365°] e.V.

The association [Rostock denkt 365°] e.V. brings together members of different scientific entities in Rostock. They engage themselves for “a strong, attractive, and globally-recognised Science Site Rostock.” To this end, amongst other things, the association sends out invitations to different events.

The ITMZ is located in the Konrad-Zuse-Haus on the Südstadt Campus, not far from the Südstadt Library and the Mensa Süd.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions about facilities at the University of Rostock or are looking for specific offers.