Registration in the local office ("Ortsamt")

There is an obligation to register in Germany: Persons who occupy a flat, but also visitors who stay in Germany for longer than 3 months, must register themselves and their accompanying family members at the responsible local office.

Where can I find a local office?

Local offices in Rostock

There are a total of five local offices in various districts in the city:

  • Ortsamt Nordwest 1
    Albrecht-Tischbein-Straße 48, 18109 Rostock (Groß-Klein)
  • Ortsamt Nordwest 2
    Warnowallee 30, 18107 Rostock (Lütten Klein)
  • Ortsamt West
    Goerdelerstraße 53, 18069 Rostock (Reutershagen)
  • Ortsamt Ost
    Jawaharlal-Nehru-Straße 33, 18147 Rostock (Toitenwinkel)
  • Ortsamt Mitte
    Neuer Markt 1a, 18055 Rostock (Stadtmitte, neben dem Rathaus)

You can go to any of these local authorities. You will see the opening hours of the individual offices on the town hall website. There you can also make an appointment.

Is there a registration deadline?

According to the Federal Registration Law ("Bundesmeldegesetz"), registration must take place within two weeks from entry or relocation.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes. Because of the current Covid-19 pandemic, you need to make a prior appointment. You can do this on the town hall website.

If no timely appointments are available, you can check the town hall website daily at 9 a.m. for appointments that have become available at short notice.

The Ortsamt Nordwest 1 offers a consultation hour without appointment for urgent cases on Mondays from 9-12 o'clock.

The Ortsamt Mitte offers a consultation hour without appointment for urgent cases on Wednesdays from 9-12 o'clock.

What documents do I need?

  • confirmation from your landlord ("Wohnungsgeberbestätigung"; template)
  • ID or passport
  • IDs and passports of family members
  • for children: birth certificate with German translation
  • for married couples: original marriage certificate with German translation

All family members must attend the appointment. You will be asked to indicate the number of persons when you make the appointment.

How much does the registration in the local office cost?

Registration is free of charge.

I speak very little German ...

The staff in the local offices can normally advise you in English as well. If a colleague or friend of yours has the time, they would be welcome to accompany and help you with registration. If necessary, a member of staff from the International Welcome Center would be pleased to go with you. Talk to us!

What other services does the local registration authority offer?

“The Hanseatic and University City of Rostock offers the following services in the local offices.”

  • re-registering (if relocating within Rostock)
  • de-registration (if moving away from Germany). For example, you will need a de-registration certificate in order to close a blocked account. You can also use it with certain service providers (e.g. internet service providers) to withdraw from a contract early.
  • issue of an official certificate of good conduct ("Führungszeugnis"): You will need this for employment at the university, for example.
  • official certifications (see translation and certification)
  • general information about the city (administration, culture, ...)
  • receipt of lost property
  • receipt of suggestions and complaints


  • Registration certificate: You will receive a registration certificate ("Meldebescheinigung") when registering at the local office. Some banks need this for you to be able to open a bank account. Further information: Bank account
  • Tax identification number: When you register at a local registration authority in Germany for the first time you will receive a tax identification number ("Steueridentifikationsnummer"). It will be sent to you by post and you will need to advise your employer of your tax identification number. Further information: Work and taxes
  • Church tax: Religious communities in Germany can levy a church tax to finance their churches and have this tax collected by the tax authorities. The registration form in the local office therefore also includes a question regarding your religious affiliation. Further information: Work and taxes
  • Broadcasting fee: An obligatory fee called "Rundfunkbeitrag" is charged in Germany for financing public broadcasters (including the TV channels ARD and ZDF, and Deutschlandradio). The Beitragsservice is responsible for charging it. They will contact you by post after your registration at the local office and remind you of your obligation to register. You can register online.
    The fee is 18.36 euros per month per apartment. If you live in a shared flat, you should ask the other occupants whether the flat has already been registered by them. Further information:


  • If, after you have registered in the local office, you also have to register in the Migration Office, do not visit on the same day. The data transfer from the local office to the Migration Office takes place overnight.
  • (PhD) students receive a “welcome payment” of 150 euros when they register in Rostock for the first time. You will need to present your confirmation of enrolment ("Immatrikulationsbestätigung") for this purpose. This is also possible at a later date after your registration (if, for example, you do not yet have your confirmation of enrolment or you intend to enrol at a later date).

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about registration at the local office.

You can make an appointment on the website of the town hall.